Collaboration Benefits Everyone

I was intrigued by how my Honky Tonk rendition of "Mine Eyes Have Seen The Coming of the Lord" was being streamed at an increasing rate over my other songs. Then I discovered that someone in Brazil had added it to a public playlist that enjoyed having many subscribers. So I published a link to this playlist. I do not know how much traffic my link may have directed to the playlist, but this gave me the idea that I could provide free advertising to my 33,000+ annual visitors (2021) in exchange for exposure of my music and services through playlists, blogs, articles, websites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and other digital outlets. 

Please complete this form requesting that I consider publishing, for free, a link to your digital media outlet. There is only our implied verbal contract that you would be candid, respectful, and that there would not be other any content included that would intentionally offend any visitors coming from and that you would notify me if you choose afterwards to remove any references to me or my songs from your digital outlet. Obviously, my purpose is to increase exposure to my music and services to your subscribers.

Charles Van Deursen Performing for the Scare in the Square, by Jimmy Griffith
"people sitting down at table with assorted laptop computers" by  Marvin Meyer

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