Tobacco Addiction Services and Information

  • I am not in any way qualified to speak with authority about medical issues. However, I have heard speakers and have read many statistics about the detrimental effects of smoking tobacco for the smoker and for those around him or her. One point that stands out to me is that (unlike alcohol where some medical personnel have stated their controversial opinion that consuming a small amount can be beneficial to some adults), there is absolutely no benefit to smoking. Not only are they expensive, an irritation to nonsmokers, but the physical suffering, cost of treatment, but the effects of smoking often leads to the loss of life. I am in favor of any legal action that would reverse the advancement of the smoking habit. 
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  • The most effective tools at my disposal are the links on this page for your perusal and the passionate lectures that I have given my students during Red Ribbon Week for many years. However, I have suffered persecution from parents and even administrators for telling the truth, and have even been mandated to stop or risk losing my career.
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Tobacco Adiction Services and Information

Blowing Smoke Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash