My Single: Lost

other published songs as a type of discography to advertise my capabilities.

You may listen to it here

When I composed "Lost" I was imagining that I was helplessly lost as I floated aimlessly in the cosmos. 

It begins with a drums and hand clapping before the bass comes in with a recurring melody line. As this combination repeats the keyboard with elusive reverberating hollow highlights rising in the background that parallel the harmonic sequence as it pans left and right. 

To bring the music some sense of familiar gravity to a solid object I used the classical guitar because it was less ethereal. Behind the guitar I added an insect type sound to stimulate the listener's imagination to suspect the presence of a nearby intergalactic space alien. The electric guitar comes next to reinforce the dread and finality of fate.

You may stream it here:

I composed "Lost" for the purpose of offering it for purchase to videographers, but the company that I expected to work through was less than truthful concerning their promises. So I have submitted it to the streaming services to be added to my