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The Struggle includes various genres

For better or worse, I have always created music in a variety of genres (and maybe in one or more that has not yet been identified). The music that I create is designed by my imagination to mimic or express my current emotional sensation. I do not employ a disciplined work ethic. I identify my (often indescribable) feeling then try to make my instrument display it in sound. I have numerous melodies that I have not published because I have not registered them.  Purchasing a copyright from the Library of Congress can be costly for a composer of many tunes. So I have tried to be wise in choosing which songs to produce.

At this point in my efforts at music producing (since about 2003) I have spent thousands of dollars with almost no reimbursement. Hopefully, once I can begin to make a profit I will be able to put out a lot more songs and more often. 

I enjoy improvising melodies and chordal patterns on my keyboard and guitar. I often toy around with an idea until I am able to create (what I consider to be) an attractive phrase.

To ensure that I do not forget my new musical creation, I usually make an audio recording. Later, I revisit the idea to investigate if the melody still sounds the same to me. Many times when I take a break then return to the melody, new developmental ideas will come to me.

After I complete the composition I upload it to my computer to tweak the sound. Sometime during this process I work on the album cover art and then I upload it and the music file to They in turn submit it to 29 streaming service providers in 159 countries for free. They keep an eye out for songs that begin trending.

Then I advertise on Facebook, Google, and upload the audio file to a radio host named Paul at phoenixfm. Through Facebook's demographics I can target a specific audience.  I try to reach customers through Google ads on the internet. Both of these only charge me for customers that actually interact with my advertisement. Radio show host Paul at phoenixfm promotes the song that I upload and informs his 100,000 listeners in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and the United States about me and my music. He is quick to remind me that he cannot guarantee that his show will increase my streaming traffic, but it appears that I enjoy a temporary increase whenever I use his services. I found him at

The Struggle Album cover, by Charles Van Deursen

The Struggle includes multiple genres:

(disco/rock, easy listening, classical, blues, Latin beat, solo piano, orchestral)
The Struggle - an album of instrumental songs listed here in alphabetical order
Abounding Glory - a melody on the piano depicting an old steam engine
BirDance - a dance beat with a rock lead guitar solo
Cool Mornings - a tone poem of a spring morning sunrise
Dusty Blue- a melancholy mood expressed on the piano
I'm Amazed - piano easy listening
Kali's Song - a guitar and flute
Let The Horses Run! -acoustic guitar strum/picking with some accompaniment
Light Blue Lite - a lively orchestral melody
Michele's Song - a piano solo
The Cinder Block - piano chordal piece
The Procession - a piece that adds instruments as it progresses
The Struggle - an up beat percussive piece with marimbas, piano, and various drums
The Turn Style - a tone poem of the "daily grind"
'Twas The Gown - guitar & flute, a tone poem - a twirling lass admiring her dress
Walking With You - piano solo, a vision of peace in heaven
Waves - piAno solo. a tone poem of gentle waves washing up on the beach
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HonkyTonk Hymns on the Triano, by Charles Van Deursen


Here is a list of the thirty-six songs as they appear on the album:

1. Medley (Are You Washed in the Blood, There's Within My Heart A Melody, When We All Get To Heaven)

2. This Train

3. At The Cross

4. The Lily of the Valley

5. Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus

6. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

7. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

8. Faith Is the Victory

9. I Know Whom I Have Believed

10. Medley (Amazing Grace, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, When the Saints Go Marching In)

11. Down At the Cross

12. I Love To Tell the Story

13. Leaning On the Everlasting Arms

14. My Jesus I Love Thee

15. Oh How I Love Jesus

16. Praise Him! Praise Him!

17. Sweet By and By

18. To God Be the Glory

19. Only Trust Him

20. Oh Happy Day

21. When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder

22. Wonderful Words of Life

23. There Is Sunshine In My Soul

24. We Have Heard the Joyful Sound

25. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

26. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

27. Love Lifted Me

28. Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory of the Coming of the Lord

29. Holy, Holy, Holy

30. A Wonderful Savior

31. Near the Cross

32. All To Jesus I Surrender

All the original melodies are public domain, but my renditions of them are not. 

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Charles Van Deursen's Nashville Debut, by Michele Van Deursen