I enjoy spending my time with many creative activities. I like to work with wood, metal, paper products, and other various materials. I find great satisfaction in solving a challenge by repurposing things (usually the junk of which anyone else would dispose) that I can find around my shed.

I think that my childhood experiences helped to shape me to be this way. I watched as my mother put her creative abilities to use in her multiple self-employed businesses throughout nearly all of her life. In addition to that, we were not able to purchase new things very often so we had to learn how to make older things last longer and we had to figure out how to improvise new ways of solving our needs and desires with the materials that we found available nearby.

There have been numerous times that people have reacted in amazement of our abilities while admiring our apparent humility. However, we were not striving to be modest rather we just did not relate to their enthusiasm because it seemed that our accomplishments were just relatively normal tasks.

Below I have a list of links to providers of tools, materials, and people who handcraft their products. Please recommend any similar types of websites for me to add.

Reaching Roots CD Holder, by Charles Van Deursen
Wooden Music Stand, by Charles Van Deursen
The Craftsman Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash
Tree Lamp, by Charles Van Deursen
The Reaching Roots Wooden CD Display, by Charles Van Deursen