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About Brianna Harper

Brianna Van Deursen is now Brianna Harper. She is a young woman with many talents. Brianna earned a masters in physical education and kenesiology. She married an officer in the army. He is a most honorable, determined, disciplined, and patriotic young man and we are very proud that he is now a part of our family.

Brianna enjoys freehand painting fun art and is available to duplicate one of the pieces shown here. She would also consider creating a customized painting if you so desire. The price of all work and shipping and handling is negotiable. This site is not able to collect funds so a check or money order is required before the item can be shipped.

You may complete the request form above. I will relay the message and she will reply to you within a couple of regular week days (Monday through Friday).

Terence and Brianna at Commissioning, by Charles Van Deursen