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Bunny on the Keys by Charles Van Deursen

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As a sole proprietor I do everything by myself. With my phone number published on this website for anyone in the whole world to see, my phone rings all the time. 

So to combat spam and telemarketers I only answer calls from those people that I know. However, I do check my voice mail and texts often. Please leave me an appropriate voicemail or text (with a "subject") and I will respond to you. 


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I try to check my emails every day. Again, as with the numerous phone calls, with so many spam emails to delete sometimes I may be delayed in replying to your valid message. My practice is to scroll quickly down the list of emails and flag all the legitimate messages for me to respond to later. If you write to me please expect my prompt reply, but please be patient if I delay. I do care about what you are wanting to tell me.


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