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As an elementary music teacher I have always enjoyed a little more freedom to speak about things that the regular core subjects classroom teacher cannot afford, because the continuation of my career does not depend on the children passing a state test, as theirs does. However, complaints to the school's administration about this has gotten me into some trouble. 

I especially enjoy teaching my "I'm Drug Free" (sort of) rap song because the lyrics encourages children to make a decision to refuse to start experimenting with (non-medicine) drugs. It also affords me an opportunity to expand the discussion into explaining a little more about the dangers of addiction. 

My goal is to reach their little minds before they become a potential customer to drug dealers. I'll never know, but I can only hope and pray that I have saved many from destroying their potential as future productive adults and nurturing parents. I tell them how I made a promise to myself as a ten year old boy who realized at that time that nearly every time my biological father got drunk he severely abused my mother and tore up our house. So I determined that I was never going to become dependent on alcohol. All through my teenage years of immature behavior (and I did make other poor choices that I wish I had not), I never got drunk. Now after having been married for twenty-nine years, I am happy to report that I have never abused my wife or children. I tell them that they too can make such a promise that they will never regret making. Then at the end of my (sort of) rap song I lead the children in a promise to never do drugs. Hopefully, they will mean it, although if you listen carefully you will hear one second grade girl repeating everything in the negative. I can only hope that she is simply being childish.


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I promote being Drug Free

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