Rock Rose

Rock Rose is an instrumental that I created to depict the courage of fragile foliage that makes it's home in the most unwelcoming place among rocks. 

I begin the music with a short series of downward tones on the drums to describe the rocky terrain as if one or two of them had just rolled down. There where a boulder had been disturbed by the collision a lone flower is revealed as the breeze is now able to caress it into swaying more than it had before in the stony pocket where it has thrived. Now the keyboard brings the sunshine down to encourage it's health. A honey bee is led by a saxophone melody to focus on a gentle landing. The drama is nothing more than cheerful existence. There is no plot to dancing with the wind. The setting is void of conflict or victory so the harmonic sequence endures as an ostinato until the day passes effortlessly as vapor into the twilight by the massaging arpeggios of a classical guitar.


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Single: Rock Rose

Rock Rose Album Cover, by Charles Van Deursen