Jamming Time

After you submit the form I will contact you by your preferred method. Please understand that I am a sole proprietor (no employees or volunteers) so I may not respond very quickly. Rest assured, however that I will contact you as soon as I am able. Thank you.

You may also (or rather) be interested in receiving music lessons.

I teach Beginning Music Theory (how to read music) in free group sessions.

I teach small group instrument lessons for a charge.

I teach individual (one-on-one) private lessons in person and online for a charge.

I would like to invite you to join the free In Tune With You jamming sessions.

I (Charles Van Deursen) will offer some information about the songs and some pertinent instruction on playing technique. If playing simple to intermediate level songs along with others in a safe online environment interests you then complete and submit the form below.

Come and Jam with Me!

Recording Jonah, by Charles Van Deursen, www.InTuneWithYou.com
We're All In!, by Charles Van Deursen, www.InTuneWithYou.com

I wish that I had the time to play all the instruments that I own.

And I wish that I was able to change all the strings regularly. Ha!