Lacy Gold

 Lacy Gold Instrumental Composition

Lacy Gold is my expression of my imagination of golden glitter and tinsel floating down from somewhere higher. As it slowly flutters earthward it flashes a thousand mini sparks. Excitement is progressively enhanced by the facination of all things shiny and free.

An electric keyboard accompanied by a light percussion instrument begins the motif that delights in the success of the golden dust particles that randomly dance in the air momentarily defying the greed of gravity.

The bass humbly enters to support the harmonic pathways while heavenly bells sail into the sky amongst the gliding swallows.

Generous rays of sunshine fall gently in sync with the mandolin.

Bass drums remind all that time is measured and will eventually terminate the solace, but the string instruments come in to soothe the sorrowful reminder.

A twelve string guitar partners to encourage a kind repreive and so encourages the keyboard to renew the joyful motif that ushered in the fantasy of innocent thoughlessness.

Welcome to my world.

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