The Triano 

I converted a five octave cocktail piano into the Triano (TRIcycle + piANO). I did not take a picture of how badly it looked at the thrift store where I purchased it for $50. The varnished wood finish was cracked and pealing.  It took me about four months to change it into the way it looked on the left hand side. I moved it to the foyer of our house where it was ignored for a long time.

Then years later when I decided to customize it to look like it does on the right hand side I moved it back to the living room of our house. My wife was very patient with me as I did all the carving, sanding, and painting between the couch and the TV. Then once I was ready to take it on the road, I was surprised to learn that I could not get it out of the house because the parts that I added made it too wide to fit it through the door.

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Promotional 2019   

Children like to play it too!  

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(TRIcycle + piANO)