I composed Mayhem as a musical instrumental representation of the physical and verbal violence and confusion of our crazed contemporary society. It begins and ends with the sound of terrestrial and (my imagined) extraterrestrial warfare mimicked by the special effects sounds of my Roland Fantom G8 keyboard and the electric drum rhythms are my original improvisations on the keys. The main theme is presented right away and repeated often. It is designed to represent the calloused waves of destruction and the dread of death. I doubled the theme with the rhythm guitar timbre on my MichaelKelly Hybrid Special electric guitar to reinforce the destructive chaos and total confusion. I would identify the genre as rock instrumental. 

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My Single: Mayhem


I composed Mayhem two years ago when I learned that someone was looking for an instrumental for a war scene. I added a  guitar part to it so that I could perform it at the "Scare in the Square" Halloween Festival in Statesboro, GA on 10/23/21.