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More than just Chords and Scales

"Picking and a-grinning" is more than just a catchy phrase about music makers. There is a certain bonding between the player and his or her instrument that the musician enjoys when he or she is making music, especially if it is an original melody, riff, or rhythm strumming pattern. Playing music is about creativity, passion, and expression.

Unfortunately, becoming addicted to your favored musical phrase can usher your imagination down a dead end street. Because it brings so much enjoyment it becomes the "go to" piece for repeated practice and the player cannot seem to break away from it to create something different or to learn something new. Sometimes, the best way to unlock more of your creative side to take it to a new height is with a measure of guidance, accountability, and the gentle challenge from a more accomplished musician.

A few very talented self taught musicians have been able to become legendary performers, however for most people, the most reliable path for quickly becoming a proficient player is paved with (one on one) private lessons. Before the Covid-19 situation, I taught students privately on the guitar, piano, and ukulele, but I have lost nearly all that income since the beginning of 2020. However, I do still teach general music to over one thousand elementary students and I have taught through an online platform.

No matter what style you want to learn to play from Bach to Rock, the basic fundamental principles are the same, even for singers. The greater your knowledge is - the better your "chops" will become.**

I invite you to learn more about my continual musical journey here.

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* "Musicking" - engaging in musical activities.

** "Chops" - a slang word that describes the level of proficiency on a musical instrument (usually on the guitar).

Playing and Picking

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