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Read the true account of how "The Struggle" came to be.

In May of 2018 I received an anonymous letter that explained the reason for the included five - one hundred dollar bills. It said that God had said that I was to use this money to produce a CD. The writer suggested that maybe this would "prime the pump" so-to-speak for more public interest in my music. Looking at my calendar I calculated that I would only have only about two months to complete the project before I would have to return to my teaching position for the fall.

I immediately began to perusing through my various instrumental compositions, partial tunes, and thematic ideas to put together sixteen songs. I have vocal compositions, but I do not have quality recording equipment for voice. I secured the ISRC/USP codes, officially copyrighted the songs, hired WTS duplication services for 300 CDs with a budget one-color cover, and purchased mailers and postal stamps. The generous $500 gift was quickly consumed by the solo project which morphed into a $1,017.22 endeavor, but my optimistic adrenaline was able to dismiss the pain. 

I created three hundred copies of the album "The Struggle" in August of 2018. I personally handed out a couple hundred and mailed out fifty or so. I posted this page way back then, but in all this time not a single request was made until November 28, 2020. Suddenly, now there have been more requests than I can satisfy. I do not know what or who has generated the sudden interest in my music. I have more songs to publish, but my supporting income for this website and my music projects dried up when I lost all my private students during the recent virus panic.

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Please add "charles@intunewithyou.com" to your contacts folder

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Please add "charles@intunewithyou.com" to your contacts folder and expect my reply.

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