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The Struggle includes various genres

My Music

(disco/rock, easy listening, classical, blues, Latin beat, solo piano, orchestral)

The Struggle - album of the instrumental songs     (listed in alphabetical order)
Abounding Glory - a melody on the piano depicting an old steam engine
BirDance - a dance beat with a rock lead guitar solo
Cool Mornings - a tone poem of a spring morning sunrise
Dusty Blue- a melancholy mood expressed on the piano
I'm Amazed - piano easy listening
Kali's Song - a guitar and flute
Let The Horses Run!
Light Blue Lite - a lively orchestral melody
Michele's Song - a piano solo
The Cinder Block- piano chordal piece
The Procession - a piece that adds instruments as it progresses
The Struggle - a Latin-style percussion piece
The Turn Style - a tone poem of the "daily grind"
'Twas The Gown - guitar & flute, a tone poem - a twirling sassy lass admiring her dress
Walking With You - piano solo, a vision of peace in heaven
Waves - piano solo. a tone poem of gentle waves washing up on the beach
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