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Having been a music teacher since the 1990s I am well aware that even many children have a strong opinion of what genre of music that they enjoy. My goal is not to make them love classical music or any other particular style. My goal is to expose them to other various genres that they are probably not hearing at home.

Studying ethnomusicology at Liberty University taught me that most of the non-western world makes their music without commercial aspirations. Rather, their music making is an extended expression of their emotions shaped by the indigenous characteristics of their unique language. Western imperialism driven by merchants in search of new markets, intentionally or not, has permeated most of the worlds cultures and many times has forever altered or even destroyed their generational development and sometimes even their native language.

As a musician, I tend to avoid popular music because I don't want to sound like "cookie cutter" music, even though it would upgrade my minuscule fan base. I enjoy specific genres that are vastly unrelated to each other. My purpose in stating this is that I realize that some may not value my music. That's ok. I probably do not share their favored genre either, but I hope we can still respect each other's tastes.

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